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Let's Build a Successful Future
For You and Your Family

As a fee-only firm, we don’t earn commissions on our recommendations to you, which ensures your financial well-being comes first. Our firm focuses on clients in the following areas:

Female doctor speaking with a female patient.

As a medical professional, your priority is the health and well-being of your patients.

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Your finances might become more complex over time.

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Near Retirement

For those ready to embark on a new adventure.

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Helping You Develop
a Long-Term Plan

As a boutique firm, our priority is developing recommendations suited to your unique needs. Together, we will help you:

  • Manage Your Wealth
  • Build a Tax-Efficient Investment Portfolio
  • Plan for Retirement
  • Reach Your Philanthropic Goals
  • Leave a Legacy

How Can We Help Secure Your Future?

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Dedicated to Providing a Fiduciary Experience

For each of our clients

Meet the Team at Dolan Capital Advisors, Inc.

Ben Dolan, Founder of Dolan Capital Advisors.
Benjamin T. Dolan, CFP®
president and founder
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Michael E. Foster, wealth management advisor at Dolan Capital Advisors.
Michael E. Foster, CFA, CFP®
wealth management advisor
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Christine Blue, office administrator at Dolan Capital Advisors.
Christine Blue
Office administrator
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Alexa Dolan, director of marketing at Dolan Capital Advisors
Alexa Dolan
Director of marketing
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Core Values

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We Bring a Focused Approach
To Your Finances

As a firm, we believe in narrowing our attention to a select number of clients so we can focus on finding detailed solutions. That is why we chose to specialize in financial planning for physicians, high-net-worth families, and upcoming retirees. Our intentional choice of clientele is a symbol of our commitment to tailored and personalized planning.

What Sets Us Apart?


Our compensation derives solely from our clients. We don’t accept commissions, sell mutual funds or insurance, and we don’t pay for referrals. Being fee-only allows us to eliminate conflicts of interest and provide service that’s right for you.


At DCA, we build ongoing, meaningful and fiduciary relationships with our clients. This means we remain committed to always acting in their best interest and developing strategies that put their needs first.


Our process begins and ends with you. With an in-depth understanding of your goals and objectives, we aim to simplify your finances so you can enjoy life on your terms. And, the white-glove service we provide ensures your needs are met.

Independent &
Objective Advice

Being an independent firm, unconstrained from the pressure to sell investment products, our highest priority is a commitment to providing objective, unbiased advice to help you meet your financial goals.


We continue to develop our talents by obtaining and maintaining the highest professional standards in our field. When you choose DCA, you choose to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst®.

Building Strategies That Incorporate
Both Our Values and Yours

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Long-Term Planning
For Your Success

At DCA, we build customized and collaborative financial plans that are specific to your individual goals and objectives.

Our Planning Considerations Include:


With an evidence-based investment philosophy rooted in academic research, we strive to build low-cost, diversified and tax-efficient portfolios that offer the best opportunities for your long-term success.


One of our highest priorities is helping you prepare to enjoy a retirement that’s on your terms. Together, we can build a plan that puts the odds of success in your favor.

Tax Planning

We utilize tax-sensitive investments and design strategic placement of current assets to help maximize the tax efficiency of your portfolio.


Not all education-saving vehicles and programs are the same. Let us help evaluate your options to determine the best course of action to save for your children’s future education needs.

Estate Planning

Structuring a legacy to last the test of time can be a difficult task. We believe collaborative and continuous estate planning, with the guidance of leading estate attorneys and accountants, will help ensure the maximum benefit to those you leave behind.


You may be charitably-minded but unsure about the most effective way to give. We can customize a plan to make the best use of your current assets and help achieve your philanthropic goals.

Rooted in Financial Science

Our clients are seeking personalized investment strategies to help meet their unique goals. To that end, we strive to build low-cost, diversified and tax-efficient portfolios to provide the best opportunity for long-term success.

Our Planning Considerations Include:


Your portfolio will be built in consideration of your unique goals, risk profile and tax situation. In time, these factors may change and your portfolio will be adjusted to achieve a new set of goals.


Utilizing strategic allocation of uncorrelated assets, our portfolios provide needed diversification by investing in global equity, real estate and fixed income markets.


Understanding the tax implications of income, dividends and capital gains, we locate assets across tax-free, tax-deferred and taxable accounts, while evaluating opportunities for tax-loss harvesting, to help clients keep more of what they earn.


Investing emotionally, especially during market fluctuations, makes rebalancing decisions difficult for individual investors. Our disciplined approach to rebalancing portfolios eliminates the emotion that often hurts portfolio performance.


Leading academic research confirms that many investors pay hefty fees for investments that, over the long term, tend to underperform their respective benchmarks. Sensitive to the costs our clients pay, we build low-cost portfolios with a buy-and-hold strategy to help clients meet long-term goals.

You Deserve a Holistic Plan
That’s Tailored to You

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Portfolio Spring Cleaning

Tidying Up Your Portfolio Before Summer

Estate Planning Essentials for Atrium Physicians

In this webinar, Benjamin Dolan, President of Dolan Capital Advisors, Inc., and Ryan Monk, President of Monk Law Firm, PLLC discussed essential estate planning tools that every physician needs in their estate plan.

IRS Delays Required Minimum Distributions

IRS Delays Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for Traditional IRAs Inherited After 2019

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